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We have built two “green machines,” so now let us introduce the dream machine.  This is one of the most detailed KirkLee’s ever built.  Our goal was to show off our tube molding and build a beautiful 29er.

The head tube utilizes a Lefty with 1.5″ steer tube with integrated bearings and the smooth Cannondale OPI stem. All tube laminates are MTB specific and the top and down tubes are hand laid by our small team at KirkLee. The seat tube is a tapered ISP, which should you ever dislike it can be cut and run a standard 31.6 seat post. The bottom bracket is a 73mm PF-30. Each chain stay is independent (no yoke) and clearanced for a 2.5″ tire and the ability to run a triple if needed. Each chain stay is laid up and shaped for vertical compliance. The seat stays are ovalized and hour glassed. While a straight piece of tube would suffice, the curved seat stay bridge completes the rear ends beautiful lines. The anodized red drop outs are CNC’d from 6061 billet and custom made for each size. The bike is designed to be used with Di2 utilizing  full internal routing and the rear brake line is also internally routed.

Weight for this 21″ frame is 1280g and the complete bike in the form you see here weighs 18.8lbs.

Our ongoing collaboration with RBA to build and evolve the ideal gravel road race bike has resulted in key updates to the machine that Neil originally received/raced. Among other details, we’ve enhanced the electronics and created clearance for 27.5″/650b x 42mm tires. Simply remove the existing 700c wheels and replace with the smaller diameter 650b hoops with larger diameter treads. Similiarly, in particularly muddy conditions, you could opt for a 650b x 29mm or 32mm, to dramatically enhance mud-clearing capacity.

Earlier this year, Zap and Neil at Road Bike Action asked us to build the frame module for a gravel road race project bike.  The challenge; build a bike that Neil (recently retired top domestic pro) could race to victory in a grueling gravel road race.  RBA’s October issue landed and here is a link to the 10 page feature.  Here is a link to complete online coverage of the bike, rider and race.  The results are in; Neil won the King of the Mountains competition and second overall in Crusher in the Tushar aboard this Dragonfly Adventure.  Our Dragonfly with Adventure frame options proved the “perfect” bicycle for the rigorous event.  This video captures Neil and the balance of the Pro field throughout the difficult day; rain, gravel, altitude…

This bike started with a fitting at Shama Cycles. The customer left it up to us to design and build the frame. The cosmetic rules were simple: incorporate preexisting dragonfly artwork into the design and make the bike purple and white. Nordy Design did an amazing job with the paint. Of course the bike still has the full KirkLee treatment with our custom tubes, cable stops and geometry.

How do you build the perfect road bike for a triathlete? Contact KirkLee of course. The build started with a custom fit from Tad Hughes to help us dial in a geometry great for riding all day long. We did our regular magic and built a frame with our in-house molded tubes and custom layups. A SRAM Red group with Quarq power meter complete the build. Nordy Design’s paint job came out wonderfully. Subtlety was the key. Light purple accents of henna and butterflies adorn the purple bike and really shine in the sun. This bike might be a wall hanger, but rest assured it’s a bike that can take on many miles.

Performance-hungry athletes seek out tight, accurate handling, proven components and a company they can believe in. Co-Motion Cycles builds every custom Macchiato specifically for each captain and stoker, and it delivers on all accounts. Using proprietary ACMUltra7 zonally-butted 7005 aluminum tandem tubing, specifically engineered for the Macchiato. At 24.8 lbs with the optional Ultegra Di2 package, the Macchiato isn’t just light it is simply the best-performing tandem on earth!

This limited edition Macchiato tandem displays a special paint scheme, with design cues from a Vaught F4U Corsair in celebration of Co-Motion Cycles’ 25th anniversary. Using a reverse masking processes with House of Kolor pearlescent paints, all performed in-house.  What better way to celebrate our American roots and our love for speed than with a tandem that flies at attack speed?

The CX Rex is the ultimate light-weight Cyclocross and gravel grinding bike. With its semi-compact design and size specific ACMUltra7 zonally-butted 7005 Aluminum tubing, made just for Co-Motion. Featuring an in-house made tapered head-tube and outfitted with a Chris King Inset internal headset to accommodate the ENVE disc CX tapered carbon fork. With full housing cable guides, it’s ready for the new wave of hydraulic brakes and control levers coming soon.

The CX Rex also features a BB30 bottom bracket shell, along with the new Co-Motion Cycles machined Interchange disc drop-outs with replaceable hangers. Both machined in-house, of course. Other details include 135mm frame spacing for compatibility with 29er disc wheels, and clearance for 38c gravel grinding tires.  This show bike displays our Team Masking paint option, which utilizes a reverse masking process done in-house, allowing customers to choose body and logo colors and includes the painted carbon fork to match.

We’ve executed an integral mount for a Garmin a handful of ways; we’ve arrived at this convention. K-Edge manufactures a fantastic mount for a Garmin that we are happy to employ; we modify their handlebar clamp, retaining only what is required to ensure integrity in lamination and to preserve fore/aft adjustability. The quarter-turn component can easily be removed. You can select any color combination you like. We expect this option to retail for about $200, including the K-Edge mount. You’ll see this BarStem option on at least one of our 2013 NAHBS bikes.  You can read more about our BarStem here.

This was the first time we were asked to combine blue pearl and emerald green translucent.  We did not know what to expect but were thrilled with the result.  John, the owner of this stirring machine, ordered the bicycle from his home in Australia.  Shortly thereafter, he flew to California where he met our Assembly Manager, Rob, at his hotel in Sausalito, CA (2 hours North of our HQ in Santa Cruz).  Rob confirmed the set-up and sent him out on a test ride; perfect.  John spent the next couple of weeks riding his brand new Dragonfly as he followed the Tour of California with an organized bicycle tour.

This is a carbon fiber handlebar laminated to a carbon fiber stem. You can specify the stem extension, stem rise, stem and handlebar make/model and bar width. You can also choose a carbon or aluminum steerer tube clamp. Any 31.8 diameter carbon fiber handlebar can be made into a BarStem.

Unlike competing products, our one piece BarStem allows the marriage of personalized and optimized individual components; lighter, stiffer, stronger, more absorbent and better fitting.  Consider more information here.

This striking Dragonfly tandem is a great example of our capacity for personalization.  Weighing only 23 pounds, this tandem is resplendent with an EXTREMELY complicated paint scheme.  We had a great time color matching the BarStem and the balance of the components.  This tandem team already owned a Calfee Tetra tandem with couplers; they wanted a new go-to tandem to enjoy when they weren’t traveling and, after sampling the characteristics of our carbon tandem frames, their custom titanium tandems were a disappointment to pedal.  More on our tandems here.