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2013 News
See You in Charlotte!:

It’s a wrap. The 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show has left the expanse of the Colorado Convention Center, and builders have packed up their trailers or crates. Many of them have begun their travels west across the snowbound Rockies or east across the snowbound prairie. Sunday’s blizzard-like conditions certainly made things interesting. We wish [...]

Bishop Bikes:
Photo: Matt Shields

Winning Ways Though he’s only been a full time builder since 2007, Chris Bishop gets his inspiration from the great custom frame-builders of the 1970s, and that is evident in each of the four bikes he brought to Denver. It the bikes of Eisentraut, DiNucci, and Strawberry where Bishop finds inspiration for his ultra-thinly filed [...]

Gates Carbon Drive Contest Winners:

Best belt drive city bike: Sycip, gentleman’s town bike Best belted fat bike: Boo Cycles Most innovative belted bike: Ti Cycles cargo bike Best adventure bike: English Cycles, Tout Divide Most innovative mountain bike: Paragon 29er with Pinion gearbox Primal Wear/Carbon Drive most beautiful belt drive bike: Muse Cycles Best Shimano Alfine/Carbon Drive build: Co-Motion, [...]

Hunter Cycles:

Expedition Hunter Imagine a 30 day trip in Australia across a 1,500 mile stretch of land – on a bicycle. Scott Felter of Porcelain Rocket imagined such a trip and is making it happen with his Expedition bike made by Rick Hunter of Hunter Cycles.  On this trip, there will be no food and limited [...]

Oskar Blues Brewery & Reeb Cycles:
Oskar Blues Brewery

Grab One for the Road Six for the Trail Oskar Blues is the official beer sponsor of NAHBS. About ten years ago, Oskar Blues distinguished itself as a trend-setter by putting their Dale’s Pale Ale craft beer in a can instead of a bottle. Oskar Blues believes cans keep beer fresher, longer because a can [...]

Gängl Custom Cycles:
Photo: Matt Shields

Gängl Style New to this year’s NAHBS, though not new to the framebuilding world, is Rich Gangl of Gangl Custom Cycles.  Stepping into his booth is akin to stepping into a candy store.  Regardless of material, each frame pops with sparkly colors bright enough to make even the most hardened hardman smile.  No paint job can [...]


A Woman’s Touch The cycling industry isn’t known for its proliferation of women, and the handbuilt world is no exception.  So when a bicycle is constructed by a woman, it tends to be a rare bird, and even rarer when that bike wins a NAHBS award.  Isis Shiffer of Bilenky Cycle Works has managed to [...]


New Hydration Packs and Messenger Bags When one hears “Shimano,” visions of sleek derailleurs and dependable pedals come to mind first.  Hydration packs and messenger bags?  Not so much.  Shimano, however, wanted to capitalize on that fact by producing the first line of cycling specific hydration packs along with a commuter line of bags, both [...]

Richard Sachs:
Photo: Matt Shields

Consistency in Steel World-renowned frame-builder Richard Sachs is back for his ninth consecutive NAHBS. For 2103, all three of Richard Sachs’ bikes on display are built using 100% Richard Sachs tubes, lugs, and dropouts. This is the culmination of his long-term vision to provide a full range of frame parts for lugged steel frame-builders, going [...]

Atomic 22:
Photo: Sophie Ballo

Going Nuclear on Thieves Anyone who’s lived in a metropolitan area with their bike knows the dangers of locking it up outside.  Even the most expensive locks are no match for the thief with a discerning eye, and so the Beater Bike, the one that you don’t care about at all, usually ends up being [...]