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YIPsan Bicycles
NAHBS Booth: #912

YiPsan Bicycles was conceived by Renold Yip to continuing the craft of framebuilding by single person workshop. YiPsan’s goal is to integrate modern fitting concept, frame tubing and components with traditional building skills. YiPsan bicycles are built by hand one at a time and every bicycle is unique.

Fit, ride quality and design for application are at the heart of YiPsan Bicycles. The more specific your requirements are the better the design will be. Your experience and input along the design and build process is also very important.

Renold, the sole worker of YiPsan, was raised in Hong Kong, China., obtained his bachelor of engineering in the UK and immigrated to the US since 2002. Since then, he has been working at local bike shops, building bicycles, certified as a fit specialist and enjoying living in the east coast, west coast and the rockies.

YiPsan builds road, cross, track, touring and off road bicycles and specializes in steel.

Exhibitor News:
Video – building of a YiPsan:

Brazing a Bottom Bracket – YiPsan Bicycles from YiPsan on Vimeo.

A short clip of brazing in action.

Exhibitor Products:
Rohloff road adventure:
Road sport 700c:

Ready for all day, all terrain adventure. Connector-less dynamo hub makes it extra clean and hassle free wheel removal. Integrated rack, lighting and fender.

A mixte for your everyday cycling needs. Integrated fenders, dynamo lighting, disc brakes, hidden cable to the rear, porteur style rack with floral platform. Last but not least is a integrated lock for theft prevention.

Rapha Continental Asia:

A collaboration for Rapha Continental Asia. A road sport bike for Rapha Continental rides. This bike resides in Singapore.

650b randonneur style bike with integrated fenders, front rack and custom stem to match. Clearance for up to 38mm tires.

Disc brakes, S&S couplers with 650B wheels running tires up to 40mm wide gives lots of flexibility in the terrain that this bike can handle. Dynamo lighting, integrated fenders and integrated front rack and bag adds even more to your riding at anytime and under all kinds of weather condition.

Integrated Di2 drivetrain, Paul Racer M brakes with 29mm tires, integrated front rack and bag. This bike is ready for some long rides on various terrains.

Full rigid, but with a 3″ fat front, it is a great maintenance free suspension. 650b rohloff for the rear with Paragon sliders.

A well equipped city bike is a wonderful everyday vehicle. Alfine 11 speed hub gear, fenders, integrated SON eDelux lighting and a platform front rack makes everyday commuting fun and easy to do.

Coupler, Rohloff, disc brakes, integrated lighting, fenders and integrated racks and bag. All we need is you for your world tour!

Clean and simple road bike with long reach brakes for running bigger tires as needed. Lugged construction with sloping top tube and low bend fork rake.

A classy fixed gear with fenders and clearance for bigger tires. Simple and classy.

A classic road bike, centre pull brakes with plenty of clearance for wide tires and a simple integrated front rack and bag (no decaleyr required) for that long day out there. Levers drilled for the nostalgia.

Inspired by cafe racer motorbikes and Schwinn sting rays of yesteryears. This is the coolest bike to go to your local cafe or bar.


The perfect city bike, a modern mixte with internal gear hub, disc brakes, hidden cables, integrated dynamo lighting and fenders. Front porteur style rack with floral pattern base and minimalist rear rack. This is the only bike that won 2 awards during the 2010 NAHBS, People’s Choice and Best City Bike.

All road adventure bike for various terrain, integrated fender and lighting system. Disc brakes ensure good stopping power riding in various weather condition and terrain. Front handlebar bag is integrated with front rack, no decaleur is needed for secure bag support and easy disengagement.