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Independent Fabrication
NAHBS Booth: #623

Operating in beautiful Newmarket, NH, Independent Fabrication (IF) is a small collective of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds. For some, IF is an outlet for creative expression, while for others it is more about the mechanical or technical aspects of fabricating a precision machine. Each member of the team regards bike-building as an honorable profession and an opportunity to work with like-minded individuals, joined by a common aim of building the best custom bikes that they can. Independent Fabrication produces a wide range of award winning custom bicycles, utilizing an equally wide range of materials. Whether working with traditional chromoly steel, modern stainless steel alloys, titanium, or carbon fiber, each IF bike is custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of its owner.

Exhibitor Products:
Planet X:
Gravel Royale:
Ti Deluxe:
Ti Planet X:
Steel Crown Jewel:
Ti Crown Jewel:
Single Speed Steel Townie:
Women’s Deluxe:
Ti Factory Lightweight Cross:
Fishing Adventure Bike:
SSR Max:
Deluxe Redux: