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Engin Cycles
NAHBS Booth: #1122
Engin Cycles - Drew welding a fork

As the old saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat. Similarly, there are many ways to make a bicycle. At Engin Cycles, Drew Guldalian likes to approach making bicycles with incredible attention to detail. Many of the special features of an Engin bicycle, such as the welds, the finish work on the dropouts, and the head tubes made in-house, are well beneath the paint or are not immediately evident since they are done well before the bicycle fully takes shape. Drew focuses on these details and constantly assesses and tweaks his process as part of a never ending effort to build the best bicycle one can own. The advances can be slow ; for example, the process for building titanium bicycles took upwards of two years to develop. The wait is long since only about 35 bikes are made a year, but if one is willing to wait it will be well worth it.

Drew won the Best Mountain Bike award at both the 2008 and 2010 NAHBS, and won an award for Best City Bike at the 2010 Cirque Du Cyclisme. Rather than building “show bikes”, Drew has always brought some of his regular offerings to the show and they are a good representation of his everyday work. Every one of the bikes that gets made has an end user and that end user should ride the bike hard and often.

2013 marks a big year with titanium bicycles now being offered, new disc dropouts available for both steel and titanium bikes, and a freshly renovated shop allowing more work to be completed in-house. Engin Cycles looks forward to making a stop in Denver and hopes everyone that makes a visit to the show stops in and says hi.


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