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Anderson Custom Bicycles, LLC
NAHBS Booth: #1102

Hello! Dave Anderson here. I am the guy behind Anderson Custom Bicycles. I specialize in building one of a kind custom bicycles and framesets. Each is designed and hand built exclusively for the rider, based upon his or her unique characteristics, needs, wishes, and riding style. I offer a wide range of styles and types of bicycles, and work with a variety of materials, especially stainless steel. I look forward to meeting you in Denver!

Thank you,

Dave Anderson

Exhibitor Products:
Fraser’s 4-Seasons Stainless:
Daisuke’s ACB Stainless Road:
Marc’s ACB Four Seasons Stainless:

Hi Everyone….Here are some photos of Marc’s ACB stainless Four Seasons. Marc’s bike is disc equipped and built with lots of fender and wheel clearance. There are no decals on the frame……the logos are the stainless tubes showing through the paint.

Joachim’s ACB Road:
Award Entries:
ACB Stainless Steel Road (Entry for: Best road bike):
Building bikes with stainless steel is one of my specialties and this bike is no exception. It features Reynolds 953 tubes throughout, along with stainless steel Henry James lugs and other stainless fittings. While much of the bike is painted, the fact that it is stainless is evident with exposed brushed lugs, crown, drop outs, and etc. There are no decals on the bike. All of the logos and graphics are the bare stainless tubes showing through the paint. The bike is also designed for use electronic shifting systems and features internal routing for all related wiring and the battery.
ACB Road (Entry for: Best road bike):
This is a thoroughly modern road bicycle built with traditional materials and methods. It features all steel lugged construction, utilizing Richie-issimo series lugs and Richards Sach's new 2.0 fork crown and drop outs. The bike's home will be in San Francisco where it will share the streets with the wonderful vintage cable cars that were the inspiration for its paint scheme.