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Alliance Bicycles, LLC
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My name is Erik Rolf and I am the designer, builder, and owner of Alliance Bicycles.  I handcraft custom bicycles in Ketchum, Idaho – well known for the hundreds of miles of prime singletrack spread throughout the valley. Before Ketchum, I spent several years in Bozeman, MT where I cut my teeth in framebuilding by working with Carl and Loretta Strong of Strong Frames.  The time I spent with Carl helped me to develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a successful frame builder and business owner.  Carl taught me the skills and techniques necessary to build great bikes, while my years of riding have helped me to develop an appreciation for different preferences and riding styles.  My design philosophy centers around looking at the whole bike as a cohesive unit.  A bicycle’s frame is the foundation, with the rest of the build being equally important in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment.  My style leans towards clean uncluttered construction, classic lines, and timeless paint schemes.  I build all styles of bike frames using steel, stainless steel, and titanium.  I only use high-end tubing and quality finishes.  Light weight modern steel, US sourced titanium, painted logos, meticulous tig welds, and clean brazing set my bikes apart.  I also pride myself on purpose built geometry and fit.

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