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Expedition Hunter

Imagine a 30 day trip in Australia across a 1,500 mile stretch of land – on a bicycle.

Scott Felter of Porcelain Rocket imagined such a trip and is making it happen with his Expedition bike made by Rick Hunter of Hunter Cycles.  On this trip, there will be no food and limited supplies to be found so he will have to bring his own 30 day supply of food along with everything else he will need.

When presented with these circumstances, Hunter came up with the ultimate bike for such an adventure.  The wheels with the four-inch tires mounted to it are built identically so the front and back are interchangeable for easy wheel swapping.

Photo: Jayne Liu

Photo: Jayne Liu


This steel Expedition bike comes with integrated bags and racks.  The bags being used are from Scott Felter’s own company, Porcelain Rocket – which specializes in custom bicycle bags.  This sort of handmade collaboration is a classic NAHBS move.

Rick Hunter has been building bikes for 20 years and is based out of Santa Cruz, Calif.  He only works with steel using TIG welding or filet brazing.