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Gaulzetti Cicli

For Those About to Cock

Craig Gaulzetti didn’t anticipate ever having his surname painted on the downtube of a racing bicycle. He says, “My goal is to build the best race bikes possible. I wouldn’t have to do this if I thought someone else was already doing it.” To understand this sentiment, one must first understand that Craig Gaulzetti is first and foremost a bike racer – a bike racer with experience racing in Belgium during the heyday of made-to-measure aluminum racing frames. Gaulzetti admits his bikes are a bit of a throwback to that era, and he recognizes that more modern industry-made frames haven’t necessarily seen any significant technological advancement in the years since.

The Cock of Wallonia is emblazoned on every Gaulzetti headtube as tribute to the builder’s past racing experience in Belgium, and his frame designs are based on traditional racing geometries, with a healthy amount of drop from the saddle to the handlebar. No-nonsense welds lay across the seams between each tube. These aren’t works of art; they are racing tools that are built for speed.


Photo: Matt Shields


Gaulzetti has three models on display in his booth:

  • The Corsa, a purebred road racing bike made from Gaulzetti’s own custom blend Dedacciai aluminum tubeset.
  • The Cazzo, a Pego-Richie UOS steel road racing frame built with the poor roads of Northern Europe in mind. It has a slightly longer wheelbase than the Corsa and features a carbon Falz fork, which was designed by Dario Pegoretti and allows enough tire clearance for 28c tubular tires.
  • And the Cabrón, a cyclocross racing bike that Gaulzetti is introducing at this year’s NAHBS. It is available in disc brake and cantilever brake models.

If you’re looking for a pure racing bike, look no further than Gaulzetti Cicli.