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Crumpton Cycles

A Decade of Innovation

2013 marks Nick Crumpton’s ninth showing at NAHBS. He first appeared in 2003 showing a prototype carbon frame and soon graduated to being a commercial frame shop in 2005. Today, Crumpton is a well-established carbon frame builder with both stock geometry and custom options. And, much like his first appearance a decade earlier, he’s also showing his latest prototype carbon performance road frame.

Nick has three models on display in his booth:


The SL is Nick’s tried and true “all-rounder,” and each SL is custom designed and hand-built to fit its intended rider. A final ding-layer of scrap carbon gives the SL a unique, almost crystalline appearance.


New for 2013, Crumpton has merged two prior offerings, the Corsa M and the Corsa Team, into simply the Corsa. The Corsa is available in 14 stock sizes and seven color choices. While being stock geometries, the Corsa is not outsourced; Nick personally builds each and every Corsa in Austin, TX. A matte yellow Corsa is stopping show-goers in their tracks outside Nick’s booth.

Photo: Matt Shield

Photo: Matt Shields

Type 5

For Crumpton, the Type 5 represents a decade long pursuit of the finest possible carbon frame construction. The prototype has several new features, to include: larger-diameter tubes, custom in-house carbon cable stops, and a newly designed brake bridge. Three Type 5s are on display in the NAHBS booth: one is slated for stress testing, one will be a permanent show bike, and the other will be Nick’s personal field testing platform. The stress test Type 5 is shown in its raw, fresh from the vacuum bag form. Crumpton’s painstakingly precise construction process is so refined, the raw Type 5 required no sanding or painting – it is absolutely devoid of manufacturing imperfections. While he is now accepting deposits for his latest creation, the Type 5 is still a prototype and must first undergo Nick’s rigorous R&D process before it officially hits the streets.

When asked about he has in store for next year, Crumpton says, “Oh, I already have big plans for my 10th NAHBS. Big plans. I’m excited.”

So are we, Nick, so are we.