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Beautiful Debut

Along the back wall of NAHBS is a string of tables reserved for the first time builders, who are only allowed to show one bike.  Walking down the aisle, one bike in particular that stands out for both its craftsmanship and understatement is Avery County Cycles off-road commuter offering.

When asked what inspired him to bring this bike over others, builder Josh Culbertson said that it was his own personal bike.  “This is my ultimate commuter, and a good example of what I think Avery County Bicycles strives to achieve in a build,” explained Culbertson.  “It’s good for both gravel and pavement, with stable cyclocross handling for the former, but a shorter wheelbase  for the latter.  It’s simple, but still has subtle details that are important to me.”

Photo: Sophie Ballo

Photo: Sophie Ballo

The bike, built with a thoughtful mix of components, is certainly striking.  “I was inspired by the Brooks saddle with the copper rails, because I had always wanted to buy one but didn’t know what bike it would look good on.”  Each eyelet screw, brake pivot point, even every spoke nipple, was carefully coated in copper.  The effect also has the bonus of drawing the eye to special areas, such as the shaped seatpost head and gorgeous weld points.

Even the paint was well thought out in advance. “I wanted a bike that looked blue in the light, but black in the shadows, so Spectrum was able to point me to a color and finish that would accomplish just that.”  The finishing touch was a pearlescent sheen over a matte clear coat, producing an almost anodized look that further highlights the copper touches throughout.

Even though this is their first time at NAHBS, this beautiful bike shows that Avery County Cycles has just as much experience and craftsmanship as builders who have been coming for years.